Features of CompleIT

No Installation Necessary

CompleIT is a complete cloud-based solution available from any device.

Very Easy to use

Simplicity was the foremost consideration when the solution was designed and built. Even staff unfamiliar with computers can use compleIT.


If you don’t use a feature you can just turn if off. For instance, If you don’t want staff to have to select payment method for sales (cash or EFT), just turn it off. If you don’t offer gift certificates, just turn it off.

Quick Error Free Sales

compleIT generates barcodes for items, which are then scanned in a comprehensive sales portal to make sales quicker and error-free. Calculation of totals and discount percentages minimises errors.

Integrated Webstore

CompleIT provides you with a webstore through which you can sell selected consignment items, through paypal. Adding an item to the webstore is as simple as clicking a button.

Item Tracking

All consignment stock is held in one simple place for easy tracking of goods. You can quickly see a list of all items held on behalf of any supplier. You can easily search for all items of a certain type or brand.


You can quickly and easily search for suppliers or items, or quickly determine the status of an item.

Simple Supplier Payments

You can quickly check the amount to pay a supplier and process the payment with the click of a button. A grace period can be set, so that suppliers are not paid until refunds are not possible.

Offer Customers Gift Certificates

Create gift certificate and handle sale and redemption of digital gift certificates.


Handle return of unsold goods to suppliers.


Handle refunds with a click of a button and print a refund receipt for your customer to sign.

Handles laybys

Handles layby creation, layby installments, completion and cancellation. Automatic notification can be sent to customers with overdue laybys.

Email Receipts

Email a sales receipt to a customer at the click of a button.

Stock Management

compleIT allows the owner of a consignment business to sell their own stock. The system handles single (one off) items or regular stock items with inventory management.


Automatic notification can be sent to suppliers when their items have sold. You can send notifications to system admins of items overdue laybys, EFT payment requests or other events.


The comprehensive reporting function enables you to assess your sales, payments and balances at the click of a button. Do a stocktake without counting any stock.

What our customers say

See how CompleIT has transformed retail businesses.
Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown

Owner, Second Mode

"The compleIT system is very easy to use and has streamlined processes that had once required hours of work. It has allowed us to cut one part time staff member. We have saved 16 hours a week of staff time, plus over 4 hours a week of bookkeeping time. And I no longer take work home!"

Franca Venturino

Franca Venturino

Retail Manager

"I've worked in retail for many years and I've never seen a system so comprehensive and easy to use. It is reliable and functional, and makes tracking suppliers stock and paying them for their sales so simple. Every consignment shop should have this software."

Ana Covarrubias Vara

Ana Covarrubias Vara

Fashion Designer and Retail Assistant

The CompleIT solution has transformed our business. Previously, we had way too many manual errors to deal with and working out how much we owed our suppliers was extremely difficult. Now our work is so much simpler. Sales are quicker and we have instant access to all the information we need."

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