The CompleIT concept was born very soon after Rachel Brown took over a busy consignment shop in Geelong West.

In late 2018, Rachel Brown became the new owner of Second Mode.

Rachel took over an odious process of paperwork and found herself taking tags home each night along with supplier folders with supplier items. Every night she found herself matching tags up with supplier records and making adjustments so that when suppliers required payment, it could be processed.

Rachel’s husband Gavin noticed this issue and as an IT specialist, knew that there could be a better way. He searched for software solutions available for consignment stores, but all the available software was only suitable to traditional stores managing inventory.

“I would spend at least an hour each night managing tags. And I had two staff in the shop on most days”.

Rachel brown, second mode

So CompleIT was born. Gavin designed a system and hired developers to help him build a solution for Second Mode.

As the staff at Second Mode were not too familiar with computers, the two primary drivers in the design of the system were simplicity and error reductions. A well-built software solution will reduce manual errors, but a badly built solution in the wrong hands will lead to more errors.

The system went live in August 2019 and has been progressively improved since then, with the addition of gift certificate functionality, laybys and refunds.

Now Second Mode only has one staff member, except for a few hours on two days a week when suppliers come in for appointments.

“I wouldn’t still have the shop if it wasn’t for this business. The cost and effort would be too much”.

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