The compleIT solution puts all your suppliers, items and payments in one seamless solution.

The digital solution is as easy as this:

Suppliers are added into compleit, with address, email, phone number, banking details, payment preference, commission rates, notes, photos (if required, for identification).

Item tags are added to the supplier in compleit and printed, with barcodes, on a printer.

When a customer comes to the counter to purchase items, the item tags are scanned and added to a sale.  Totals of sales are calculated automatically.  Discounts can be entered and gift certificates redeemed.  Amount tendered can be entered, so that change is calculated.

Once a sale is complete, all items in the sale are recorded as sold and the store now owes the supplier for those items

A grace period can be introduced, so that if you only accept refunds within 10 days, for instance, suppliers are not paid until that time has passed.

Any gift certificates redeemed now are inactive, or have less value.

If a customer wishes to put an item on layby, the items are added to the layby and marked as such.  When the layby is completed the items are marked as sold and then the supplier is owed the relevant amount.

When a supplier requests payment, the staff look up the supplier, process the payment for the sold items and pay the money. No calculation is required.

A payment tag can be printed and signed by the supplier, in order to verify receipt of funds

Once the payment is complete, the store no longer owes the supplier for these items.

If items are not sold after a certain period of time, the ‘mark unsold’ function is used to mark these as unsold and ready for return to the supplier

At the end of the day, staff can reconcile the items sold with the sales, and can also compare EFT and cash takings recorded with the actual takings

No paperwork is taken home!

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